African Threading: I Tried Rubber Thread

For years I’ve been accustomed to using yarn to thread my hair. I have heard of people using weaving thread but the one thread that intrigued my curiosity was one made of rubber. African rubber thread. I had to try it so I ordered it on eBay. I had to try it. I have heard of the moisture retention capabilities and claims that it’s better for your hair. I had to test it out.

Here are my thoughts and preferences.

I do love the way this thread helps with retaining moisture. It’s rubber structure doesn’t absorb products and moisture from the hair strands the way yarn does.
If hair is completely wrapped in this rubber thread, it cancels the possibility to wash your hair in this style as no water can penetrate it.
Rubber thread though great for moisture retention, is difficult to use when hands are wet or oily and in most cases, when i style or thread my hair, it is done right after preparing it with oils and butters so the thread was slippery.
Rubber thread is slightly glossy which is ok but i prefer the matte texture and appearance of the yarn.
How and what I prefer:

For concealed styles such as under a wig, I intend on using the rubber thread.
For styles that I wear out and exposed, I will continue to use yarn due to the matte texture.
For yarn or genie wraps, I plan on first wrapping my hair with the rubber thread and then wrapping over it with yarn for a matte natural finish.