I actually already have a video on this, but that video is prior to me getting my fancy smancy camera equipment and folks still haven’t figured out that YouTube is owned by Google, meaning the search function is pretty darn awesome…so ya know, I guess it was time to do a new one. I still think my old one is much more thorough, but this one is much more shiny.


No, I do not mention any products in the video. On purpose! You shouldn’t be that attached to product, and I don’t want to encourage people to buy unnecessary products when the video is really more about technique. I don’t really use shampoo because I don’t use products with silicone, so shampoo isn’t necessary. If you do use products with silicones, you should start this wash routine with shampoo. Same process just an extra step is added. I do this same process whether I’m shampooing + conditioning, co-washing or deep conditioning. Nothing changes but the products that I use. Wondering what products I usually use? Check here.


Do I always do this when I wash my hair? Honestly no, but I should be doing it. We all have our lazy moments or bad attitude days or just one of those days when you want to be…whatever, cause inertia is mutha. However, when I don’t do this, I immediately see the difference. As tedious as finger detangling it makes all the difference and keeping your hair in sections will not only ensure that your hair is stretched but you also makes it easier to style your hair. It just goes smoother and quicker. Trust me on this one!