William Kassouf Is Named WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star

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Love-him-or-hate-him English poker player William Kassouf(need more information about this guy?) is drumming up yet more controversy this week after WPT event director Matt Savage named him as certainly one of his 50 bounty pro gamers on this year’s WPT Bay one hundred and one taking pictures superstar classic, to be held between March fifth – March tenth in San Jose, California.

Savage will make the “capturing stars” better

Each and every of the 50 “capturing Stars”(more information about this event, you can find it here!) will start the event with a $2,500 bounty on his or her head and this yr Savage is looking to make the event better than ever by deciding on his bounty avid gamers consistent with the “three p’s” (character, Personable, wellknown) alternatively than readily on their stage of ability, with Savage commenting that:

“The discipline used to be fitting increasingly based on results and so the “Stars” of 10 years in the past had been being pushed out through younger superstars that confirmed up late, refused to have interaction with players at their desk, take photos, declined interviews, and sometimes not even signal the shirt once they busted. It created an awfully terrible experience for our locals an satelitte winners.”

Poker Player

Mind you, it appears Liebert, who completed 2nd in 2009’s shooting huge title common for $550,000, is in a minority as Kassouf enthusiasts during the twittersphere jumped to his defence and to congratulate the “King of Speech Play” on his shooting massive title fame, an opinion which was mirrored by way of Savage who went on to assert.

“I obtained extra requests to make William a shooting megastar than another participant and it wasn’t close” Savage went on to check out to allay fears that Kassouf’s trademark stalling would disrupt play, saying;

“i have already informed him [Kassouf] that sluggish play, immoderate taking, and stalling is probably not accredited in my activities and he has ensured me there wouldn’t be. I admire avid gamers and i count on them to respect me, our buyers, and employees as good.”

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